When it comes to picking your favourite season my choice is really different to most people!

This is the order of my favourite season:





I like winter the best because it is Christmas but i hate February

I like Autumn the second best because it feels really cozy being at home watching tv, sitting on the sofa and drinking hot chocolate

I then picked summer because there is not much going on for me! The most exciting thing in Summer is going on holiday to a nice tropical island!

I have picked spring last because it rains all day and there is NOTHING fun going on. I don’t celebrate Easter so all i do then is eat a whole load of chocolate!

Now I would like to know what your first, second, third and last favourite seasons are!


3 thoughts on “Seasons!

  1. Probably Autumn for the same reason, Summer for the good weather and holidays (and my birthday) , Winter because I don’t celebrate Christmas and then Spring for the same reason as you! You should sign up to Polldaddy and do a poll on this!

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