Trick and Treat!

Yesterday I went trick and treating!

There was a lot of houses that gave us candy and some even gave some money!

However there were some houses that sadly did not have any candy which is quite normal but we then went to this other house and we knocked on the door but no one came out! The lights were on and the tv was on, we knocked again and then a man came up and shouted to us “I AM ON THE PHONE!”

We all walked away and said sorry and we soon ended up laughing!


So anyway did you enjoy halloween?


5 thoughts on “Trick and Treat!

  1. You’ll all think I’m crazy but I hate Halloween with a vengeance! If you’re at your desk trying to burn potassium on a Bunsen and you’re home alone, having to go downstairs and open the door to a bunch of little girls dressed as witches, armed with Jelly Babies, every half a second does NOT help!

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