The things I normally wear are really quite simple!

It is freezing out there so I try and stay as warm as possible

I would normally in this cold weather wear:

Skinny jeans


Furry boots


And there that is my style


7 thoughts on “Fashion!

  1. Hi this blog is really good!
    My blog is about fashion:
    i use to have so many viewers before but once i blocked the wierd stupid funny people no one has been going on my blog!
    I feel bad
    supposedgenius gave me this idea of blocking them but they were not dangerous they were just a stupid
    block her i would
    i do not need to
    she does not even visit my blog and she is always moaning about hers and i aint haveing a TOPP thing
    u will never meet me again
    ps: i hate ur styles they are not me! I like dresses and like to impress people! hint hint go to and see the comments and there u will see it

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