The queen of hats!

Kate is crowned queen of hats 

Kate Middleon has been named Hat Wearer of the Year. She beat out competition from Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake to win this coveted honour and we think she deserves it!

Kate has her own unique style and manages to finish off her outfits with very stylish hats and always looks amazing!

Here are my top hat-wearing tips:

Pick a hat that matches your outfit.

If you’re going for a casual look, try a cosy faux fur ha like this one from Forever21 for £9.49.

If you’re dressing up for a special occasion but don’ want to be too overstated, try a fascinator or a comb like this one from Accessorize for £12.

Or, if you just want to look trendy, try a fedora like this one from Claire’s for £16.

Make sure you’re comfortable – there’s nothing worse than a hat that keeps falling off! Put the hat slightly to the right side of your head and have the front of the hat at the edge of your hairline. To secure it, slide a few hair pins into the inside of the hat and secure it to your hair.


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