Cute curls

Want cute curls like Taylor Swift for the Winter? No problem! Just follow these fun and easy steps:

1. Wash you hair and leave to towel dry

2. Take a small section of you hair and wrpa around your finger from the ends to your scalp

3. Carefully remove your finger and clip the section of hair in place at your scalp

4. Repeat this process untill you have cliped all of your hair into place

5. Wait until your hair has dried naturally, then gentally unclip all of the sections of hair, starting with those at the bottom of your hairline

Ta-da! You now have lovely relaxed curls in time for the winter snow!

Finally, two top tips you should always remember to leave your hair in the best possible condition:

DO use a shampoo which is right for you and…

DON’T damage your hair by using too much heat on it.

There are 5 steps to amazing hair!

enjoy 😀


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