Cher Lloyd has got to be Queen of the hair style trend sweeping the nation – the Side Sweep. And you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t need to shave off your gorgeous locks to recreate her look.

Take a look at our guide to creating the super trendy side sweep and find some inspiration from a few celebs…

The side sweep is a really simple way to add glamour to your look. Start by making your hair super sleek by brushing with a paddle brush and using an anti-frizz product. 

Then part your hair over to one side and blow dry your hair in the opposite direction from the way you want to sweep. This will add volume when you sweep your hair over to the other side!

Now get styling and add some curls like Selena and Taylor, or keep it super sleek with some gentle waves at the ends like Lea and Miley. 

Finally, gather your hair to the side and pin in place with some criss-crossed bobby pins and secure with some hairspray. 

You could also wear this style in the day by creating a messy side ponytail, bun or plait.


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