My day out in London

Recently, before Christmas, I went to centeral London to do some Christmas shopping.

Me and my family first went to Covent Garden!

This is where some of the shops are! I loved the christmas lights.

Covent Garden Christmas Tree

…The Christmas tree…

…The barrier tree…

This tree was made out of barriers

“it does not matter whats inside it. It matters who is around it”

That was the quote that was on the tree.

This was the big reindeer in Covent Garden.

My favorite shop in Covent garden is “Lush”

Lush is a handmade cosmetics shop. They have lots and lots of interesting products such as shower jelly and popcorn flavor lip gloss. You can all try some of the stuff out at the store.

These are some of the bath bombs they sell at lush.

These are some of the face cream that you can try out at the shop!

That is what I did in Covent Garden.

I then headed of to Oxford Street!

Oxford street is the busiest shopping street in London.

I first went to selfriges!

Selfriges is one of the biggest shops in London…

That whole building is Selfriges!

I bought quite a lot from there!

And that was my Christmas Shopping this year!



12 thoughts on “My day out in London

  1. Covent Garden looks great, Selfridges used to have the best window displays at Christmas, last time I went, it was fairly lame though

      1. The last time i wemt to Selfridges it was quite dull, not really Christmasy If you know what i mean?

      2. Yeah, i is an old geezer..
        Er no, not really, i went back to sort a family matter, less than fun, the trip up town was probably the best bit

    1. arnoldthearmadillo, how old r u!
      coz u seem like a old geezer.
      do u have a girlfriend?
      r u a boy?
      r u pregnante?
      do u still suck ur mums breast?
      do sleep on a bed?
      awww ur sooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  2. Lush is my must-stop-by place ! I cannot imagine not having at least one bubble bar in my bathroom ! I adore the scent of the shop – even though some times I have a headache there lol ! x

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