Cheryl’s Big Hair

Cheryl manages to stay looking glam even when she was ill with Malaria! I think it’s all down to her hair. It’s always big and bouncy! To get the same look follow these simple tips!

1) Start with dry hair and give it a good brush through.

2) Make a side parting using a fine toothed comb.

3) Lifting a section from the back of your hair start to ‘backcomb’, simply combing downwards towards the roots. Continue to backcomb each side of your head.

4) Brush through mid-length to the tips with a bristle brush, to keep the look tidy.

5) Finish with some hairspray which will hold the style, then you’re good to go!

I tried this and the results were just great. It’s so simple and doesn’t take very long to achieve. Give it a go yourself 😀


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