Demi’s Dip Dyed Hair

Demi Lovato is yet another convert to the bright hair trend!

Demi stepped out for a new round of X Factor USA auditions with these fabulous, girly pink hair extensions. She’s even used one to tie up her pony tail.

Other converts to the dip dye style of hair extensions include Jessie J who like her fashion style has gone for a bold look with purple extensions.

Selena Gomez has gone for some bold blue highlights rather than all over colour which is great for keeping the look quite understated.

And who can forget Queen of Colour, Nicki Minaj! Nicki’s hair is a wig, but you can recreate this colourful look with multi-coloured extensions like these from River Island.


3 thoughts on “Demi’s Dip Dyed Hair

  1. I NEVER liked Demi (c’mon, she was dating her Camp Rock co-star JOE JONAS!!) However, I’ve been planning to buy hair extensions for a while. I have black hair and I’m confused between purple, blue, and red hair extensions. Which one do you think would go best with my hair color? (If it’s of any help, I have a dusky skin-tone, more like a tan color) xx

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