Pretty in pastels

It’s time to get pretty in pastels for this year’s top winter trend.

Pinks, peaches and peppermint greens are the colours that are zooming off the shelves but we also love lilacs and yellows.

Plus, this trend will easily carry over into the summer! We can’t wait!

Brighten up your outfit with colour pop pastels like Selena and accessorise with bracelets or ballet pumps like these from New Look (bangles £5.99, pumps £7.99)

New to the scene but already competing with her sisters in the fashion stakes, Elizabeth Olsen is standing out in this patterned yellow dress. We love this light-weight mesh-knit jumper from H&M for £14.99

Taylor Swift is looking very feminine in this peachy chiffon dress. It’s still too cold out for a light dress but we think these coral pink skinny jeans £16 from Matalan are perfect for winter.


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