Get Taylor Swift’s Hair

Taylor Swift manages to look effortlessly pretty, no matter what hair style she chooses. 

However, Miss Swift’s look isn’t hard to achieve, and we have three of her hairstyles for you to try yourself.


Style 1: The messy side bun – Great for Parties!

  1. First gather your hair into a sleek, low side pony tail.
  2.  Next twist your hair into a bun and use hair pains to put in place.
  3. Pull out a few strands from the bun to create the ‘messy look’, finally add some sparkly clips to glamour up.

Taylor Swift side bun


Style 2: Beach Chic – An everyday look.

  1. Firstly you are going to need to plait your hair and leave it in as long as possible, preferably sleep with them in.
  2.  It’s best to plait, as using heating tongs can really damage your hair.
  3. Next, make a side parting and brush some of your hair forward to create a ‘side fringe’, then pin this into place.
  4. Using a headband, (Taylor likes floral ones) stretch it carefully over your head and position it over your hair.

Taylor Swift beach hair


Style 3: Luscious Locks – Special Occasions

  1. For this look you will need wavy hair, so like style 2, plait your hair.
  2. Next make a side parting; take about 5cm section of hair from each side of your head. Loosely pull the sections to the back of your head, and fix into place with some hair clips.
  3. If you like you could use some hairspray to hold the style, but be careful not to spray to near your face, Yuk!

Taylor Swift luscious locks


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