Trainer on heels!

You can now get trainers on heels!

I find this really creative. However I don’t think they work like trainers! Do you get what I mean? If you are running in heels it will be quite likely you will fall or hurt your self. Well anyway I still think they look good! What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Trainer on heels!

  1. wow… I am not too sure about these!! as you said, they can’t work as trainers, and as high heels they are not very pretty or elegant (imagine how odd they would look with a dress?!) so for me this is a no-no…. but maybe with jeans… still seems a bit of a frankestein’s shoe to me!!

      1. I dnt a agree if u have a on a short pencil jean skirt with a college jacket it would look great

  2. Okay, i can totally see how they can be trainers. I used to run in heels all time and i was pretty fast too. I wasnt stilettos are anything, even though i have played basketball and ran in them before. it is not as hard as it seems.

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