Want silky soft skin like Taylor Swift?

Achieving baby soft skin is not as hard as it looks. If you want flawless skin like Taylor Swift then follow our top tips!

  1. When in the shower use an exfoliating body wash, rub into the skin in circular motions starting from the legs upwards, then rinse off.
  2. With a loofah or shower puff, apply some regular shower gel and rub gently all over the body, playing close attention to elbows and knees, again rinse off well.
  3. Once out of the shower towel dry your body, but make sure you ‘pat dry’ your skin and not rub vigorously with your towel as this can cause skin breakage.
  4. Once dry, smother some thick body crème all over your body and allow to dry before dressing.
  5. And there you have it! Silky soft skin! Be sure to keep this up at least twice a week, and you will soon notice the difference. 

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