How to get crimped curls!

Crimped curls is a trendy hair style and has been worn by many celebrities as well as that, it is easy to achieve. You don’t need to use and heat therefore it won’t burn or ruin your hair.



  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and then comb your hair. DO NOT BRUSH.
  2. Then plait your hair. The number of plaits depends on how thick your hair is and curly you want it to be. Make sure you hair is damp when you do this. Start as close to the scalp as possible.
  3. Let the braids dry. It is best to leave them in overnight or for the whole day.
  4. After that you take the braids out and run your fingers though them however do not comb or brush them.
  5. Then spray on some hairspray in order to keep the curls in place.

There you have it! A perfect way to curl away!

enjoy 😀


10 thoughts on “How to get crimped curls!

  1. I don’t need to do anything to get my naturally curly hair to look like that (it’s more of a question of refraining to do stuff like blow drying or brushing), but I’m very happy to hear that it is now TRENDY!

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