Beautiful styles!

 Stunning dresses from across the world

China is the country where you can express your self. Place where you can brighten up the sky. The place with beautiful dresses…


Fashion talk

Girl 1: I am so into fashion!

Girl 2: Me to!

Girl 1: So what is your type of style?

Girl 2: Excuse me?

Girl 1: I said what is your type of style?

Girl 2: I like all styles

Girl 1: okay…….! Hey, I got an idea, why don’t we both come in leopard print clothing tomorrow!

Girl 2: Okay!

This is what Girl 2 comes in with!

Style your way to the beach!

The season when most most people go on holiday is coming up, so this means a lot of people will head over to the beach! In the outfit above it shows a great style of what you can wear to the beach! The dress is nice and bright and goes great with the rest of the outfit. What do you think of this outfit? Share in your thoughts!

What is your style?


Look 1:                                                                                              Look 2:

Which look do you prefer?

I prefer look 2 better because in look 1 I am not really a big fan of their skirt. Also in look 1 the the shoes don’t really go with the skirt!

Live pink!

Get on your pink outfits!

Have a pink bedroom…

Get your self a pink phone!

Pink watch!

…And anything else you can think of can be turned PINK, you could also do this with any other colour you like!

Rock like a geek!

Rock around like a geek!

Getting a smarter look is easy, here are the simply steps:

Where a shirt (any color)

Top it with a knee length skirt

To look more smarter then grab on an over sized glasses, like the one in the picture above

And there you go!