question time!

This is a place where I ask you a few questions and you answer it!

This way I will be able to get to know you guys better!

Questions for this week:  

What is your favourite food?

What is your favourite country that you have gone on holiday?

What is your favourite kind of holiday?

What is your favourite blog (comment the link)?

Try and answer as much questions as possible.

 Thank you 😀 ♥


55 thoughts on “question time!

  1. week 1
    I’m glad you’re doing horoscopes. They’re an interesting topic actually, because some people (like me) think they’re a load of tosh, some people genuinely believe that planetary movements affect your life, while others are just desperate for some form of divination. Don’t copy net or magazine horoscopes though because they mean nothing. Look for some by real astrologers that mention the planets, or if you’re feeling creative look up the planets’ positioning relevant to the other heavenly objects close by and write your own!

  2. Week 2

    My favourite subject is Theology and Philosophy because I like to question the world, look into others’ beliefs and have a good old debate!

    I like sports because you work as a team and you get to run around like a headless chicken (well that’s what I do anyway!) But I don’t like repeatedly running laps round a field because it’s just boring and there’s no mental energy involved.

  3. week 3
    my fashion sense is quite simple outfits jazzed up with fancy acessories cuz shopping for acessories to match your outfit is fun, but being organised is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 1. to spend more time with my family
    2.I will try
    3.When I went on holiday
    4.When I went to Scotland
    p.s love your blog!

  5. Hi! I will answer your questions this week. 🙂

    My superpower… I would like to be able to heal any disease with the touch of my hand.

    Favourite accessories: Hats, definitely. I love wearing hats, fascinators, tiaras and such. I even wore a fake bird once (lifesize) haha 🙂 … And shoes. Of course! Who does not love shoes?!

    Pet: I would like to be able to keep a few penguins in my freezer. But just if they were happy to be there.

    Favourite book: “The Plague” by Albert Camus. I love it because starting from a very specific event (a city quarantined because of a plague epidemic) goes to speak about the nature of humanity and does so in a timeless and incredibly accurate way.


  6. Hey Zoey, Great Blog!

    Quiz answers: 1.(tricky) only one word? Classical! trouble is who decides what and when something is classical? 😉
    2. ‘food’ – Chocolate! ‘meal’ – can you count ‘smorgasbord’? 😉
    3. song… at the moment – ‘Waiting in the weeds’ by the Eagles, haunting and solefully beautiful.
    5. Singer – Andreas Bocelli, powerful Italian tenor ( blind)

  7. Lost count of which week it is! Sorry I haven’t commented in ages 🙂
    1. Feminine (I love floaty shapes and florals)
    2. Chilli paneer, the spicier the better.
    3. I don’t usually like pop girl bands, but DNA by Little Mix is such a gorgeous song!
    4. No idea!

  8. hey hey hey hey!
    I have decided to answer this time!
    1. very cool and casual
    2. defiantly pizza!
    3. call me maybe by Carly ray jepsen!
    4. Justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That was fun 😀

  9. i will answer:
    1. pizza
    3.relaxing holidays where u have a swimming pool and a beach!

  10. What is your favourite food?
    Indian thali-Maharastrian/ South Indian, followed by fried rice, continental

    What is your favourite country that you have gone on holiday?
    India-love Goa as a gateway. dying to visit Istanbul, NY, Brazil and Spain

    What is your favourite kind of holiday?
    adventure, going solo and discovering places, travelling by train

    What is your favourite blog (comment the link)?

  11. Thank you for following HoB. Much appreciated! I’ll be hanging around here…

    PS: all my favourite things are connected with chocolate… 😉

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