Satchel Craze!

Recently, satchels have become really big and have appered on many maust have pages on many fashion magazines. They are big, strong and light so they are perfect for long journeys or school.

There are many different colours and a range of schemes to choose from.


Satchels weren’t very big before as they were made a long time ago however, In 2012, they sprung bag in and have made a great start in 2013. You can order satchels from the Cambridge satchel company, they ship large amounts of satchels all over the world!


So lets give a big warm welcome to satchels! We predict that they will last for a really long time.

Enjoy 🙂


Spring in to fashion!

This outfit here is perfect for spring. By looking at the flowers and bright colours you can tell this is a great outfit for this season! So what do you think?