Autumn beauty!

Autumn is here in two more days! And now is the perfect time to put away your summer cloths and bring in your autumn cloth. To get an outfit like the outfit above you will first need to get a orange top. You are then going to need to get a pair of jeans, which you would probably have in your wardrobe anyway. You can then top it with high heel boots and a satchel. Then to keep your self warm find yourself a leopard print scarf.

And there you go! You have got a perfect autumn style just like the picture above!


Find your self living in mauve

Mavue is a shade of purple!

Here are some ways you can live in mavue:

Start of with a mauve colour dress

Get your self a pair of mauve earrings…

…and necklace…

…and bracelet…

…and finally a mauve scarf!

What is your favourite winter look?

lOOK 1:


lOOK 2:


lOOK 3:


lOOK 4:


What is your favoutite look?

My favourite look is look 3 because the colours look really well together. The scarf and the earrings make the outfit look better and more colourful. The outfit for look 4 is good however nearly everything in that outfit is grey!