The next theme

Hi, today I would like you guys to decide on what theme I should post about next week so I am going to give you a poll where you will vote for a theme and all my posts next week will be based on that. Most of them are countries because those are the easiest themes to do.I will be writing about anything such as food and fashion to do with that theme! I will start posting about the chosen theme on Monday the 10th of June so start voting! 😀

If you have any other themes you would like me to add to the poll then send them in here:

Enjoy! ♥


My summer holiday plan!

The summer holidays are coming fast which means time to go abroad! This summer me and my family are planning to go abroad to Greece (I don’t come from Greece by the way)!

So the hotel we are going to go to is called ‘Atrium Platinum’! Here are some pics of it:


This hotel is rated:

And by looking at the pictures I would give it the same!

How are you going to style it this summer?

Look 1:                                 Look 2:                             Look 3:                             Look 4:

Next weeks posts!

This week I am giving you a chance to pick which type of posts you want next week (22 April-26 April)!

Amazing polls!

Here are some fun polls for you guys to do!

Enjoy! 🙂

This is so cute!

I find this picture so cute! That cat and the chick look so well together.

What do you this…

Poll time!

I fell like I haven’t done a normal poll about you for a long time so enjoy 🙂