I love Lush

Lush is this handmade cosmetics shop. I love it a lot! The people that work there are also really friendly. They let you try products out before buying it to see if we like it or not!

These are some of the bath bombs they have over there. There are so many to chose from and they all work differently. Some of them make you relaxed when sure you don’t get tired during the day. However they all smell nice and fresh.

These are lip scrubs! I love them so much! It is a bit like lip balm but is sugary instead. You scrub on your lips and then you can either leave it there or lick it of.

Lush have now made a new fun product:


With this product you get to make your very own soap! It also helps you to be creative by blending the right sense together

Lush Spas now open in Liverpool and Edinburgh

 Lush also has many other products that you may love so why not check out there website : https://www.lush.co.uk/ 
This Mother's Day, pick from our lovely bunch...

Big Prank!

Hi, I played a HUGE prank on my sister yesterday and I really want to tell you guys about it. It might not sound that big however, If you saw my sister’s reaction, you would laugh SO much!

It all started yesterday when my sister was going to her first day of work experience. She got out of the car and her phone slid out of the car onto the road! I was in the car and I noticed someone came near our car and picked it up however, I didn’t know my sister dropped her phone so I went into the shop and asked her if she had lost her phone (My sister is a TOTAL phone addict) and she said yes. Therefore, I told her to stay there and I found the person that picked it up. They gave the phone back to me however, I told my sister they ran off as soon as I asked and she got really mad and upset. I haven’t told her that I have her phone yet so I’m going to pretend the police found it and they contacted me. But that will happen in about a week, or even longer….

I really hope I can play along with it. It might sound a bit mean, but I’m only doing it so she can look after her belongings because it was a really expensive phone!

Please comment what other pranks I can do on my sister, that won’t kill me ……


400 comments and 40 followers!


I have just reached 40 followers and 400 comments on my blog!

I would like to thank all my readers, followers and commenters for making this happen and without you, my blog wouldn’t be amazing star!

I’m not stopping here so keep coming back for more fashion tips and much more!

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Thank you and enjoy 😀

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