Summer is nearly over!

Oh my, summer went quite fast this time! Autumn is here in about 2 weeks. I know some of you don’t live near Europe so your seasons are probably different!

But anyway I was just wondering if you guys are wondering what happened with Miley cyrus (she is a singer and use to be in Disney channel)




She use to be a great singer and she was really pretty… until this year when she decided to cut her hair and make her music videos inappropriate. Her latest single “We can’t stop” shocked people and she got less fans! I have also heard she threatened her dad and she is on drugs.



Another shocking news was that a young teenager Hannah Smith had sadly commit suicide because she got bullied. This was the girl who had a blog called dear diary which I had advertised on my blog quite recently.

For more details click here


And thats all from me




The saturdays hit number 1!

The amazingly talanted, gorgeous girls from The Saturdays have got their first number one ever!

It is hard to believe that with songs like higher, all fired up, eyes wide open and 30 days, they havent reached number one before! However, after releasing thier new song ‘what about up’ featuring  sean paul, they shot straight up to the top of the charts!

Congrats girls!

Brits 2013!

Seeing as the Brits were yesterday, I have decided to give you an overview of what the celebriteies were wearing yesterday.Be prepared for a sparkling sight of wowness!

This year’s Brits were a fantastic array of the musical talent we have in Britain, along with the awesome music was some beautiful and slighly bizzare dresses!  I have picked some of the best from the night….


Rihanna, being the Pop Princess she is decided to have two dresses for the Brits! We can’t help but love the bright colours, and the floral dress is lovely (although very similar to my grannies curtains!) We still love it!

Cheryl Cole

Wow! As usual Cheryl looked stunning in this long black, elegant dress.  We particular like her hair, the ‘up do’ is very classy and great for a special event.

Red carpet dresses

These were some of the most colourful dresses of the night. The purple looks great against Tess Daily’s (First one) blonde hair and with the silver clutch to match, she gets the thumbs up from us!  Sophie Ellis Bextor (Middle) looks striking in her red dress, red looks great against paler skin.  And finally Catherine Jenkins looks very sophisticated in her green floral dress.

LBDs at the Brits

Finally the ‘LBD’ (little black dress) we though these were the best of the night. We thought Adele’s suited her best, her up-do and sparkly earrings really brought the outfit together.  Not only can Adele sing beautifully but she has the dress sense to match!

Which dresses do you like best?  Would you have gone for a ‘LBD’ or a colourful number?  We love them all!


Not content with being the current Queen of Pop, Adele has now conquered the movie scene too, winning a Golden Globe award for Best Original Song for Skyfall!

On being a a big movie event instead of the music scene she said “It’s very strange to be here, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your world for the night.

Congrats Adele!


It’s been three very long years since Cheryl, Kimberly, Nicola, Sarah and Nadine last performed together but they are back!

They’ve relaunced their website with a big countdown that ends on 19th October 2012 when they will make a BIG annoucement.

It is expected that they’ll announce a performance on Strictly Come Dancing, as Kimberly is taking part. Plus many think they’ll be performing this year’s Children in Need charity song, and they might even be going on tour again!

We’re hoping they also announce some new songs!

So, only a few days to wait…so excited! In the meantime, take a look at Girls Aloud‘s first ever song Sound of the Underground and see how young they all look!