Super Nova!

super nova

So, you are probably wondering what super nova is. Well super nova is thee new formal way to dress up using dark colours and leather. This is really stylish and looks very classy. It is really easy to achieve this look, here is an example of an outfit I designed.


First of all you wear a dress like this one for £35.00 from River Island.


Then you add some shoes like these for £45.00 from River Island.


Then you can add a cluthch bag like this one for £30.00 from River Island.


Then you top it off with some jewellary like this necklace for £8.00 from River Island.

And then you have achieved the perfect super nova style!

Enjoy! 😀


What do you think?

I love this outfit! All the colours go brilliantly together, I will not change a single thing to this outfit. It is perfect already how it is. What do you think?

What is your favourite winter look?

lOOK 1:


lOOK 2:


lOOK 3:


lOOK 4:


What is your favoutite look?

My favourite look is look 3 because the colours look really well together. The scarf and the earrings make the outfit look better and more colourful. The outfit for look 4 is good however nearly everything in that outfit is grey!