300th post!

It is my 300th post! (yay!) When I started blogging I never knew I would have gotten this far and I would have not really gone this far at all with out you followers/viewers/visitors so I would like to say a BIG thank you to all!


My summer holiday plan!

The summer holidays are coming fast which means time to go abroad! This summer me and my family are planning to go abroad to Greece (I don’t come from Greece by the way)!

So the hotel we are going to go to is called ‘Atrium Platinum’! Here are some pics of it:


This hotel is rated:

And by looking at the pictures I would give it the same!

Fashion talk

Girl 1: I am so into fashion!

Girl 2: Me to!

Girl 1: So what is your type of style?

Girl 2: Excuse me?

Girl 1: I said what is your type of style?

Girl 2: I like all styles

Girl 1: okay…….! Hey, I got an idea, why don’t we both come in leopard print clothing tomorrow!

Girl 2: Okay!

This is what Girl 2 comes in with!

White on Black


White and Black is a great combination of colours and it is great to achieve a trendy, elegant, smart look and they will look great with what ever you wear.

For example to achieve this look:


You get a jacket. This one is £60.00 from River Island.


You get some trousers like these for £30.00 from River Island.


Then add a bag like this. You can get this one for £15.00 from River Island.


Lastly, you can add a necklace like this one for £18.00 from River Island.

And there you have a perfect way to colour coordinate with black and white!

Enjoy ♥

Hit the trends

Hit the trends