My summer holiday plan!

The summer holidays are coming fast which means time to go abroad! This summer me and my family are planning to go abroad to Greece (I don’t come from Greece by the way)!

So the hotel we are going to go to is called ‘Atrium Platinum’! Here are some pics of it:


This hotel is rated:

And by looking at the pictures I would give it the same!



As some of you may know I live in London, which is England, which is in United Kingdom, which is in Europe! Well London is beautiful city however the weather is terrible. We are nearly at the end of March but it is still snowing! As Londoners we are hoping that spring comes out quickly because it seems as though spring does not want to come out!

This is a picture of London during day.

This is a picture of London at night.

As most of you may know, the 2012 Olympics were taken place in London. The games went really well and so did the opening and closing ceremony. I would say I preferred the opening ceremony better the the closing. This is because the closing ceremony was quite loud and the ending was really boring!

Opening ceremony!

London buses:

London buses now


London buses before