How to do a waterfall braid

hey, today I am going to show you how to do a waterfall braid. I wore this hair style for my graduation last year and it was really quick and easy to do. It also looked really pretty!


  1. Brush out your hair and make sure it is straight with no knots.
  2. Get a chuck of your hair from the from and bring it to the back and split it into three sections.
  3. Bring the bottom piece of the braid over to the middle and the top piece over to the middle (like you are starting a regular braid).
  4. Then grab another bit of hair next to were you started the braid and put it in the braid.
  5. Then bring the piece you added, to the middle piece.
  6. Hang onto the bottom piece with your pinkie.
  7. Drop the piece you have on your pinkie.
  8. Then get another piece to replace it.
  9. Bring the new piece to the middle piece.
  10. Repeat this until you get half way around your head and then in it with a bobby pin.
  11. Then braid the strand all the way to the bottom.
  12. Feel free to add a ribbon or you can even curl your hair from the bottom.

And then you are done! Enjoy! 😀


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